Custom Features

There are many different options the user of this cell phone application can select so I thought it would be a good idea to showcase a few of them via videos so any users or prospective users can see how some of them work.  The key features are as follows:

  • Import pictures into this cell phone application that were not taken using the app.
    • Once imported the user can measure/weigh their fish.
  • Enter notes related to your catch such as moon phase, wind direction/speed, bait present, etc.
  • Change species in case you select the wrong one.
  • Add trophy to the picture for Striped Bass weighing >= 30lbs.
  • Remeasure your fish if your original measurement seemed off.
  • Allows for expedited release since all the user needs to do is snap a quick pic and then release if they choose.
    • They can estimate the length and weight of their catch any time thereafter.
  • User can share the picture of their catch with or without the statistics (i.e. the "My Catch" page).


In this video I originally thought I caught a Carp but after doing some research online it appears this fish was actually a Goldfish-Carp hybrid which I didn't even realize existed. I had included the ability for the user to change the type of fish even after the picture has been saved.



 In this video I explain how the user can share the picture of their catch with or without the stats page. 



I created this video to show the user how to measure/weigh their fish while explaining the custom features the app contains.