My Story

My passion has always been fishing.  I can still remember the first fish I caught.  It was a snapper my dad helped me land at Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn, NY. I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old.  Thankfully I have been lucky enough to land a couple of trophies since that time.

Many years ago I landed a bluefish well over 20 lbs and in 2015, a striped bass a little more than 4 feet.  Both were released.  I have two business degrees and recently completed my Masters.  It is this experience and knowledge I leveraged to help create this mobile fishing app.

Please understand I am not suggesting this is going to replace what anglers have used all along to weigh their catch.  There is nothing more accurate than weighing a fish on a certified scale.  I had developed it to assist in promoting catch and release by enabling the angler to expedite the release of their catch and to maybe help in changing their mind to release it as opposed to keeping it when their intention is not to consume the fish but to only weigh and measure it.  Releasing some of the larger fish back into the bio mass can equate to millions of more eggs that have a chance of developing into that next trophy that could leave that future lucky angler with a memory of a lifetime.  I really believe a respectable percentage of the larger fish we catch have been caught at least once during their lifetime.    

I am also not saying you should not keep your catch as long as it is legal.   It is your right to do so.  I am simply promoting catch and release where applicable so generations to come get to experience their first fish like I did so many years ago.