Fisherman's Mobile Weigh Station

Check out the demonstration and instructions for assistance on how to use app. 

Out of curiosity I timed myself measuring and weighing a fish I caught and without even trying I was able to complete the entire process in under 45 seconds.  It's really a quick and easy process.

*IMPORTANT*- User must include a reference (e.g. knife, lure, part of rod, foot, etc) object with pic of fish that you know the length of or can get it at a later time.  The users enters reference object into app and enters length.  Even if the reference object has already been used before and is saved in the app, the user must always measure reference object and then the fish when using the app.

For best results, when taking the photo do not hold the phone on an angle. Hold it straight up and down.





  • Catch a fish
  • Select the Fisherman's Mobile Weigh Station app icon
  • Tap camera image below
  • Take picture of fish
    • Be sure to include point of reference
    • Select "Ok" if image satisfactory or "No" to retake
  • Select "No" to measure and/or weigh your fish later or "Yes" to process now
  • Select species or “Mine’s not here”
  • If select “Yes” select predetermined reference or enter the length of a new custom one
  • Select "Ok" to begin measuring
  • Measure reference object by dragging circle contained line
  • Select check when done
  • Do the same for the fish
  • Select body type (i.e. Lean, Average, Hefty) if applicable

You're done.