A cell phone app that estimates the length and weight of your fish without using a tape measure or scale

I have been fishing for over 40 years and have seen firsthand the ups and downs of some of our fisheries.  These declines can be contributed to a number of factors (i.e. overfishing, pollution, cyclical nature of species, etc) so I wanted to develop a way I could assist in helping reduce the mortality of the fish we love to catch.  By allowing anglers the ability to estimate the length and/or weight of a fish by merely taking a picture, we can do the following:


Key Features


Catch & Release

Promotes catch and an expedited release since you can estimate the length and and weight (if applicable) of your catch after its release.  You can do it from your car, your couch, right where you caught it, etc  and not have to bring the fish with you to do so.


Travel Lighter

Take less with you since your cell phone will do all the work

App Instructions & Video Demonstration

Fisherman's Mobile Weigh Station

Check out the demonstration and instructions for assistance on how to use app. 

Out of curiosity I timed myself measuring and weighing a fish I caught and without even trying I was able to complete the entire process in under 45 seconds.  It's really a quick and easy process.